This NFT will generate you passive income

2022.01.28 01:59 itsme_breakingbad This NFT will generate you passive income

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2022.01.28 01:59 -SpaghettiCat- Rainbow Six Extraction Installation Stopped Error During Install

Hello, I keep getting an "Installation Stopped" error when trying to install Rainbow Six Extraction.
When I first insert the disc, it prompts me that there is an upgrade to install. It then downloads to 19mb (0.1%) and says Installation Stopped. It appears to keep trying and I get the Installation Stopped message again every 10 seconds or so. I also tried cancelling and resuming from the queue on one attempt. The disc is brand new from Gamefly.
To note, when I first tried to install it prompted me that I needed to free up space, and I deleted a few old games. Not sure if this corrupted something. Nonetheless I unistalled R6E and cleared my queue and the problem persists.
To troubleshoot I've tried:
-Full Shutdown
-Check Internet Connection (HBO GO worked fine)
-Cleared Queue
-Reinsert Disc
-Tried Installing Old Game - COD WW2 worked fine and started installing.
Really appreciate any input, I'm stumped. Thanks in advance for any help.
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2022.01.28 01:59 NamesLapu 22 M Super bored day off for me today. Keep me company?

Hey all:) my name is Anthony and I’m an environmental science major from California. Just off today and relaxing, if anyone wants to talk about life and stuff and keep me company it would be appreciated lol. See ya:)))
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2022.01.28 01:59 -quiddity- How much time does the human race have left?

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2022.01.28 01:59 Euro_African Four years later, Brian Molefe still hasn't paid back the money

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2022.01.28 01:59 foxik20 Another major L intake lmao

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2022.01.28 01:59 sadswan388 Slack Calls freeze (and forces to logout) on PopOS!

Slack has been the valuable communication tool during this pandemic and it taking calls on the Slack desktop app has been a real issue. Every time I make or receive a call on the slack desktop app, it starts off fine but the moment I move away from the window, the whole system crashes while saying "something went wrong" and has a log out button. And interestingly, the call keeps going on in the background. When I do logout, it ‏‏‎ turns off all the extensions and then i have turn them on again. I have tested this on DEB, Snap and Flatpak packages showing this same issue. Talking to the Slack help center, they says that PopOS is not in the list of supported Distributions. Any Idea how this issue can be dealt with??
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2022.01.28 01:59 Mason11122 Why don't you wash your ass with water after shitting?

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2022.01.28 01:59 WLSART Sunrise over Porpoise Slough, Me, Acrylic, 2022

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2022.01.28 01:59 GOCrazy-7575 To the Programmers of Reddit, what color theme is the best?

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2022.01.28 01:59 Blakath Morgan Blackhand and Adam Smasher in RED

What would the skills and Stats of both these iconic characters look like when they are transferred over to the RED system from 2020?
For quick reference here are the stats of both the characters in 2020.
Adam Smasher-
Stats: INT 4, REF 15, TECH 4, COOL 7, ATTR n/a, LUCK 4, MA 20, BODY 18, EMP Yeah right...
Skills: Combat Sense +7, Ahletics +4, Awareness/Notice +6, Brawling +6, Dodge & Escape +, Driving +2, Handgun +5, Heavy Weaons +7, Intimidate +6, Melee +5, Panzerfaust +2, Rifle +6, Stealth +4, Submachinegun +4, Weapons Tech +2
Cyberware: Full cyborg body, two sets of interface plugs, chip slot, pain editor, link set (smartgun, vehicle data), optics suite (low-lite, thermograph, Times Square Plus, targeting scope, anti-dazzle), cyberaudio (radio, tight-beam radio, and cellular links with scrambler, scanner, enhanced range, amplified hearing, sound editor, level damper), wolvers in both arms, quick-change mounts, radiation shielding, biopod. Adam is built on a heavily modified Samson frame, and typically wears SP 20 armored coveralls when he's on the job (giving him a total SP of 42)

Morgan Blackhand-
Stats: INT 9, REF 10/13, TECH 3, COOL 10, ATTR 5, LUCK 9, MA 9, BODY 10/12, EMP 8/5, SAVE 12, BTM -5
Skills: Combat Sense +10, Aikido +8, Athletics +10, Awareness +10, Basic Tech +7, Demolitions +8, Driving +8, Education +3, Endurance +9, Tactics +7, Fencing +6, First Aid +7, Handgun +10, Heavy Weapons +9, Hide/Evade +7, Intimidate +8, Melee +10, Pilot Boat +6, Pilot Gyro +8, Pilot Fixed Wing +7, Pilot Vectored Thrust +9, Rifle +10, Shadow/Track +7, Stealth +9, Strength Feat +5, SMG +10, Swimming +6, Tae Kwon Do +9, Weapons Tech +10, Wilderness Survival +7
Cyberware: Neural processor, Sandevistan boost, smartgun and vehicle links, interface plugs, chipware socket, nasal filters, two cyberoptics (targeting scope, low-lite, infrared, anti-dazzle), right cyberarm (rippers, heavy SMG, Microwave EMP shielding, hydraulic rams), muscle & bone lace, nanosurgeons.

So how would these characters look like in Red? Obviously some skills wouldn't exist in the Red system and some cyberwares would have to be made in homebrew.
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2022.01.28 01:59 Chemical_Ad8710 Jennie 🥟💖

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2022.01.28 01:59 Street-Confection128 the fbi has a podcast ?

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2022.01.28 01:59 deckki7 Be a Filecoin Miner today with cloudrush

Contribute to the world's decentralized data storage and be rewarded with daily Filecoin!
Find out how you can start today! Email quoting "dec" or visit for more details.
#IPFS #Filecoin #Mining #Cloudrush #DataStorage
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2022.01.28 01:59 xandfan Infrared (2022) - Spooky

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2022.01.28 01:59 New_Entertainment_31 Refund

When is the next batch update?
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2022.01.28 01:59 monstermaxaaaa Moisture in headlight. HELP!

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2022.01.28 01:59 Specialist_Lab_6295 LPL legendary jungler comment on THE WORLD BEST ADC UZI

Shinyruo (S9): Uzi! Eternal God. Uzi is indispensable, but Ming can be replaced. Any support with Uzi can blow opponents up. If Uzi has a chance to play against LCK, he can beat that lck team all by himself. No teammates are needed. Uzi just needs to treat his teammates as 4 high-level minions and the game as his own show. Then LangX is possible ok or worse. I support RNG, all China crew, no need say any more! Although the other LPL teams are considered Chinese teams, they are not my beliefs. Uzi! Eternal God!
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2022.01.28 01:59 No-Consideration4720 Gold Bot FX

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2022.01.28 01:59 willywonka5678 What’s your favorite song?

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2022.01.28 01:59 lokujj Inside Neuralink, Elon Musk’s mysterious brain chip startup: A culture of blame, impossible deadlines, and a missing CEO (Forbes)

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2022.01.28 01:59 Fishyy-StickK Can I play SWTOR on chrome book?

I got Minecraft working but I’m hoping to get SWTOR to work so me and my lil brother can play together, I stopped using my chrome book when I got my new pc.
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2022.01.28 01:59 Bazzgooz god please let this be satire

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2022.01.28 01:59 Walsh832 acho que tem alguém no meu quintal

a porta do corredor (que é externo) bate quando fica aberta por causa do vento e ela acabou de bater do nada sendo que ela sempre fica fechada a noite, meus cachorros começaram a latir loucamente pro vitrô do corredor e eles tem a mania de fazer isso quando alguém passa pq de onde eles estavam não é possível identificar a pessoa com clareza, só dá pra ver um vulto e as persianas tão recolhidas

são 01h56 da manhã, minha mãe, meu pai e irmã estão dormindo e meus irmãos não estão em casa, tô completamente alerta com essas paradas que acabaram de acontecer, coloquei meus cachorros no meu quarto pra pararem de latir e tô avaliando o quão idiota é descer pra conferir o que tá rolando no quintal
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2022.01.28 01:59 hgkun-001 Neonatology: Questions and Controversies Series, 3e, all 7 Volume Series Package by Richard A. Polin MD

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