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me (16) is in a relationship with this guy (16) i need other peoples advice on if they think it’s unhealthy or toxic, anything.

2022.01.28 02:30 _significant-bug716 me (16) is in a relationship with this guy (16) i need other peoples advice on if they think it’s unhealthy or toxic, anything.

so me and this guy have been in a relationship for 6 months now, the guy im dating i have liked since the 6th grade, we dated in 8th grade and he totally treated me like shit. he would tell me how amazing i was and he loved me i was his everything etc. but he was a dick to me, we were on and off, he flirted with another girl he knew i had problems with, he would never hang out with me when we could see each other everyday at school and would tell me he’d rather hang out with his friends not me, it was honestly really damaging and caused a lot of problems but i still always had love for him. i would try and text him after the breakup he’d ignore me, he called me fake a few times, whatever. i could go on and on about that but it’s not the point of the post. anyways we broke up completely and in the first two years of HS he would text me every once in a while, check on me, ask about my posts etc. anyways we are now in our junior year, over the summer he ended up texting me and we started talking a lot.
when we started talking, i was vaping and smoking 🍃, not a lot usually it would be only at night before bed, or if during the day, not a whole bunch, i could still function perfectly fine, and it honestly helped me a lot. i have very bad anxiety and im not sure what else i have because I’ve never been taken to a doctor to see, as of recently i just started opening up to my family about mental health and how ive been feeling the past few years. but it helped me with my thoughts and keeping my anxiety down and it would help me focus on things and get things done. now right off the bat he told me he didn’t like smoking or vaping and it was bad for me i should quit etc, i didn’t really listen at first, we weren’t even dating at the time, so i kind of brushed it off. we started dating and we both had very strong feelings for each other, he told me how he always loved me he just tried to be cool in 8th grade and that made him treat me badly? whatever brushed that off too. he had brought up smoking and stuff again and told me i had to stop and i tried too although it takes time, for nicotine, and i would relapse i guess you could say. now one of these times i had swore i wouldn’t. dumb right? it’s an addiction. well i had a video saved in my memories of it and he goes though my social media a lot and found the video and blew up on me. i was tired of him telling me what to do and he said we should break up and i just said okay, this in return made him start begging me to stay with him which made me feel horrible afterwards, i felt like i was manipulating him.
he always says im too good for him and thinks im cheating on him. when i have my episodes or moods whatever i have when im in a really depressed mind state and he can’t help he tends to shut down and he starts feeling sad and stuff which in return makes me feel bad.
a few months ago i was with a friend and we decided to drink, and he was telling me i couldn’t drink again blah blah me drinking put him in a bad mindset and then he drank the night after? very hypocritical. now he drank continuously after this while telling me i shouldn’t smoke, after a while he opened up about some childhood things which he said is why he doesn’t like me doing it. i said okay i understand and ill stop. which i did. very recently, only a couple weeks ago, i was with the same friend, who i don’t see very often because i moved around may of 2021 , we wanted to drink again, and he had told me i couldn’t and i said okay but later on, i really wanted too, not excessively just a little buzz, when you won’t get hungover and you can still control yourself but you feel good yk? and he was arguing with me about it, telling me he didn’t want me too because he wasn’t there so he couldn’t tell me when i should stop (i can do that myself?) and all this other stuff, i had told him it shouldn’t be a big deal because he does it when i tell him he shouldn’t because when he does it, he’s in a bad mindset and trying to make himself feel better, usually that doesn’t end good. i on the other hand was just trying to have a fun night with one of my friends, i really have never been a drinker so i didn’t do it often. after i told him why i wanted to and it wasn’t fair that he could and i couldn’t, he got mad and said whatever do what you want and just kinda shut down? also i forget to mention, he told me to wait till i saw him in a few days to do that but literally he was going to be driving us around so i said no obviously. he then tried bribing up old things ive done and shoving it in my face.
anytime we argue, or even when im just trying to talk to him and he thinks it’s arguing he will just immediately start saying sorry it’s all his fault he doesn’t deserve me he’s a fuck up etc even when it’s not his fault, and so i tell him no you aren’t it’s not your fault yk. ive tried to talk to him about this specific thing, about how he just shuts down and starts saying it’s his fault and he just said he doesn’t like arguing with me and if he takes the blame for it all it’ll keep us together but it honestly make me just feel bad all together and i don’t like it but he doesn’t listen.
i feel like he really does love me and iyou really do love him even if we are young, he really has never been a dater so him just dating me shows how much he likes me, no girl he has dated has ever met his parents besides me, and just the way he is you can tell but it doesn’t mean all the other stuff i should ignore, right?
i want to talk to him about it but when i try to talk about things like this he will either do what i said above, he thinks im trying to break up with him, or he just starts telling me how shitty he is and i could do so much better and all this stuff. so i guess moral of the story, do you guys think he is toxic? if so how do i bring up these things to him without him reacting the way he has in the past? or am i just reaching and over reacting?
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2022.01.28 02:30 bisselle Inherited piece on my mantle, what is this?

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2022.01.28 02:30 SeriesSenior3327 A mouse is in our apartment, how can I get rid of it?

Hello, so we have been in our apartment for over 7 months now, previously no issues or evidence of pests. Tonight we saw a mouse’s head pop out from under the dish washer. I set 2 glue traps out. There might be two as I might’ve seen a second head but could be me going mental. Going to contact our super and we have an exterminator service. Put all food way up high and away, we have a very clean place.
My question is, best way to avoid these and are there any good traps besides the glue traps I set to catch this fuckethese fuckers?
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2022.01.28 02:30 Sirdave82 V2 On, app shows off

I just heard the IR lights turn on with my V2. The app shows it off, looking at V2 shows rear power light and front IR lights. Have to keep it plugged in for the bridge motion sensors, so put a cup over it for safety.
Anyone else notice this? It's it can plus lite?
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2022.01.28 02:30 bigboibogai Happy birthday to you

you belong in the zoo
with the monkey and the donkey
the gorilla is you
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2022.01.28 02:30 TellMeSomethingIDK34 Why can’t I see a post I just made on the sub reddit I just posted on

Even the option to upvote or downvote my post is not there. It doesn’t look as bold as it does when you make a new post. It looks like as if the post was deleted even tho it doesn’t say it was. And when I go to the sub reddit page my post is not shown at all but I just posted it minutes ago
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2022.01.28 02:30 Gramaticidio Como faz pra se concentrar mais no que estou lendo? minha atenção parece que é dividida, uma parte lendo o livro e a outra pensando se a mãe(Bulma) do Trunks amaria ele num hentai que eu li que o Gynyu ficou calado e agiu como se fosse a Bulma por anos e teve o Trunks com Vegeta.

Minha produtividade ta muito baixo, tem vezes que eu penso em política, receitas, gol de barriga e etc. Queria me concentrar apenas na atividade que eu propus. Alguem sabe resolver isso?
aceito recomendações também de livro de gramatica pra pessoas com dificuldade.
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Ive been dreaming of a manga themed skin.
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Fuck all of you.
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2022.01.28 02:30 CaptainRelyk Why isn’t anyone talking about this exo/warmind Rasputin thing found in the witch queen reveal stream?

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2022.01.28 02:30 Thebrothelhood Test

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2022.01.28 02:30 bagelswithoutseeds Is my roommate (M) sexually harassing me?(M)

I’m in my first year of college and this is my first time living away from home and sharing a room. My roommate often asks to use the room privately to bring romantic guests over. I have no problem leaving when he asks me to. I usually go study or something. Recently though, it was a weeknight and i was in the room trying to sleep. He came in the room with a romantic guest, and without saying a word, has sexual intercourse in the bed 6ft away from me. I am too horrified to say anything and I put my earbuds in to try and fall asleep. I didn’t mention it to him at all in the next few days. He thought he got away with it. After figuring out that I knew, He gave me a shallow apology while in the bathroom and said it won’t happen again. Fast forward a week later, it’s a monday night and I walk in the room to go to bed and he is having intercourse with another person. I was mortified. I was not notified in advance of this guest, the door was left unlocked and he did not put a sock on the door handle to notify me he had someone over. I saw everything and had my first anxiety attack ever bc of this. Next day he said it wouldn’t happen again. I’m nervous, and admittedly afraid to really talk to him about it for long. Is this a form of sexual harassment in my situation? I feel what he is doing to me is utterly atrocious.
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