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Friend's CPU reaching temps of 86C under full load

2022.01.28 03:13 PixxlatedTV Friend's CPU reaching temps of 86C under full load

So long story short, my friend discovered he was getting around 75C on his CPU under full load and he wanted it a little lower, and boy oh boy did that spark some new issues.
We got a set of new fans because we figured the air pressure his old fans (Gamdias Aeolus fans) was terrible. Didn't really see much improvement, so we thought his old cheap case didn't have good airflow, so we got a new one (H510 Flow). No change.
We ended up getting a 240mm Masterliquid AIO from CoolerMaster. Hooked it up, his mobo somehow shorted, replaced it with a new and better one (from DS3H B450 to a B450 TOMAHAWK MAX II). AIO didn't improve temps, they actually worsened them. Now he reaches 86C under full load.
What I'm thinking is that the new H510 Flow that he got just isn't good for an AIO, considering the only way that the radiator can be mounted is at the front, so practically all of the air in the case is the warm exhaust air from cooling down the liquid. I could very easily be wrong. The case isn't returnable, as he threw away the box not expecting to need to return it (rookie mistake), but he still has all the AIO parts and the box to return it. What's your guys' advice?
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2022.01.28 03:13 Crixxa If each town or city in OK were a person at a large house party, what would each of them be doing?

Borrowed this idea from another sub.
Owasso would be trying a bit too desperately to impress Tulsa, but grew up way too sheltered to be convincing.
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2022.01.28 03:13 jayatco552 Cursed_rocket league

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2022.01.28 03:13 a-person-n all drawings were made by me, also i want to improve so please be honest tell meif is there something i should add or something i need to improve or even what do you like of it like wich one was your favorite and why .

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2022.01.28 03:13 Cool-War057 My older brother masturbates with my little brother’s lotion, and I’m not sure what to do.

So my little brother is 7 years old and my older brother is an adult. My little brother has eczema so that’s why he uses lotion. Anyways, it’s super disgusting and I don’t know what to do.
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2022.01.28 03:13 acrossem Anyone feeling 'Winnie The Pooh Hippie Crew'?

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2022.01.28 03:13 cityroses 20% off Yesstyle: Use rewards code 🌴PALMTREE🌴 and coupon code 🖤VDAY22🖤

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2022.01.28 03:13 Purple-Worldliness90 Visada atsiranda vienas...

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2022.01.28 03:13 king-_b get get aww!! 💦💦

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2022.01.28 03:13 Default_Rice_6414 If anyone is trying to learn Arabic, start a post a day on r/ArabicStreak

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2022.01.28 03:13 Upper_Turnip8561 How do you fix low self esteem?

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2022.01.28 03:13 InstaKamen [For Hire] $20 sketch commission similar to as shown.

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2022.01.28 03:13 ReserveAccountant Is it weird to text a old crush when they aren‘t doing well?

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2022.01.28 03:13 thepantages GameStop app #69 in AppStore Shopping apps

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2022.01.28 03:13 Onlyroad4adrifter Starting rewatching

I followed this show as it came out. The rewatch is completely different than the original.
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2022.01.28 03:13 Shpooodingtime 🔥 Grebe bird, the bird who are able to run the water empire as a bird behavior partner

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2022.01.28 03:13 Hydrolioo Spina astera gear supply

Just wondering what the offrates are supposed to be for SPA supply? Im planning on rolling in it, if the offrates are good enough, but its hard to find info on it. any help appreciated :)
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2022.01.28 03:13 Parodelia12501 If I make a tower mob spawner does it have to be made of cobblestone can I use other materials instead?

I basically have more access to wood right now so was hoping i could use it instead
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2022.01.28 03:13 R10E [r/ShitKonfaSays] Reee lewaku

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2022.01.28 03:13 Tatex1 Please rate my prank. Thank you <3

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2022.01.28 03:13 Dogecoin_Mememaster Very fickle news source.

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2022.01.28 03:13 back_off11 Broke up with my girlfriend.

Broke up with my girlfriend of 2½ years, both are 20. We dated through high school and stayed with me as I went through the army and basic training. I got out and was just super depressed i went through a rough patch; I'm much better now, but I can fall down the hole again. We broke up due to what we wanted in our futures; she wanted kids. I really don't know if I want kids because i truly don't know if I'll even make it to an old age to have kids and I'm just afraid if I do have them, they'll end up like me with no purpose, depressed. In a world where you have to give your life away just to live day by day. Life just seems so meaningless, and we both thought it wasn't fair to do that to each other and mutually decided to break up. We didn't see each other much due to me moving about and hour½ away. It was an abrupt move as I wanted to get out of my house for family issues.
It's been a week. Since the breakup , I just feel hopeless and depressed. I always thought I wanted to be single and just have flings. But after being truly alone for a week, I hate it. I miss her; she's the longest girlfriend I've had. I don't want anyone else. I know I'm young; there will be plenty of girls, but I really don't want that. It just makes me feel worse. But it's not fair to her if she wants kids.
I guess what I'm asking is if anyone has felt like this with kids in their future and if it has changed over time. And if I just need to move on.
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2022.01.28 03:13 hipifreq Got my first win!

Got my first win! After 133 hours (and 273 deaths) I finally made it to the boss and beat him with the wand in slot one here. Quite a few of the buffs I found in the Vault, so I slogged through Hisii Base with a softer, slower version. The kill wand I found at the bottom of the Vault had a mana recharge of 1500+ so I didn't even need the add mana. Feels great to finally finish the work.
Kill, Dig, Trash slot, Dig+
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2022.01.28 03:13 rickyalejandre Question regarding CFP certification

Hi everybody, I’m looking into taking a cfp course but saw online you need to do 4-6000 hours of experience as a requirement. Can anybody share their experience on how they went about this and if they what resources they used to get those opportunities?
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