This guy ranked down from mythic to grandmaster to increase his shitty WR and put this pic in album 🤡

2022.01.28 03:09 Abhi_ruj This guy ranked down from mythic to grandmaster to increase his shitty WR and put this pic in album 🤡

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2022.01.28 03:09 Doctor__Hammer Teacher: “who bombed Pearl Harbor?”

Japanese boy who knows the answer: raises hand
Teacher: “Correct!”
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2022.01.28 03:09 elizrawr Looking for a free elementor widget that has text/content on hover

Looking for a free elementor widget that has text/content on hover I have been trying to find something that will work for what my client wants but not finding the exact feature. I have an info card and just need to have the element have text/images appear on hover. Something like this:
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2022.01.28 03:09 Morgan-992 Silicone Handle: The comfortable silicone handle can maintain high friction even when wet hands to prevent slipping. After using the brush, the hole of the handle can be hung for storage, reducing the breeding of harmful substances.

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2022.01.28 03:09 tryingtolikeme So, anyone wanna tell me how to not be awkward when I go out by myself? 😅

Gonna try to start going out more and meet new people but you know.. got a bit of a nervous problem. How can I just relax and go with the flow.. even try to make conversation with people?
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Pretty self explanatory.
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2022.01.28 03:09 JojoLesh Popular configurations

Where do you find information on popular configurations for tanks and how many let are playing certain tanks? Is there an acceptable database that is up to date?
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2022.01.28 03:09 TheYeeterOfTemplar War Knows No Bounds: Part III

Part III The Main Basitin Island: 72 Hours After First Contact A lone fighter jet flew over the forest that divided the Eastern and Western Basitin. Ari flew only fifty meters above the treetops as he scanned the forest with infrared sensors. Sieg sat with a nervous and anxious look in the co-pilot’s seat. He wore a modified G-suit, pilot uniform, and armor, “See anything yet?”
“No, I’m not getting anything from the sensors,” Ari called, banking right. They had flown in a zig-zag pattern for the past thirty minutes with no luck. Alkain only gave him five hours to find Captain Kovest and what’s left of the 3rd legion, before Ari had to fly as escort for supply ships. He had 12 hours before he along with the Silver Arrows would have to jump to Centuro to meet up with the supply ships and a support fleet.
“How much longer do you think we’ll be here?” Sieg asked, trying to take his mind off of what he might find.
“I don’t know, we don’t have long before night falls and we have to turn in. But hopefully it shouldn’t take more than an hour or two then we have to move on to another spot,” Ari continued to fly in the zig-zag pattern for another 15 minutes. “Sir, I’m detecting multiple heat signatures. I’m marking it on your HUD now.”
A marker appeared on Ari’s HUD. The HUD became black and white as Ari switched it to infrared. Ari flew over the marker, seeing multiple glowing white figures in the trees. He flew over the figures and switched off the infrared and to VTOL.
“What in the world?”
Ari looked around, “I thought we cleared up all of the Federation soldiers?”
“We did, sir. There are no enemies or allies in the area,” Alpha replied. Ari flew around and back over the figures on a Knife-Edge maneuver.
An arrow deflected off of the canopy as a hooded figure hid behind a tree, “Dragon to Skywatcher, I think I found the 3rd legion.”
“Copy that Dragon, make contact with them if you can.”
“Already on it.”
“Alright, good luck, sir.” Ari found a small clearing and landed. He killed the engines and listened to the engines slowly wine to silence, “Are you alright, Sieg?”
“I’m alive.”
“I guess that’s all I can ask for. I think we found what's left of the 3rd legion, and hopefully your wife.”
A wave of hope and excitement flooded over Sieg. Ari opened the canopy and Sieg lept out, forgetting he was still a few meters off the ground and fell flat on his face.
“ your step?” Ari climbed down and helped Sieg to his feet, “You okay? That was a pretty hard fall,” he said, brushing the grass off of Sieg’s combat vest. He shook his head, “I need to find Marien!”
He broke into a sprint, “Hey wait!” Ari sprinted after him. His leg ached as he ran, but despite the pain he pushed himself to keep going. Ari caught up with Sieg, “Hey stop!” He grabbed the back of Sieg’s vest but didn’t expect him to keep going. Ari was pulled forward and fell on his face. He hit the back of Sieg’s leg, interrupting his next step and causing him to tumble to the ground.
“Sieg, I need you to stay with me,” Ari said, standing up and adjusting his shin guard.
“Sorry, I’m just...excited.”
“I know, I would be too. Just be ready to…” His voice trailed off. “Nevermind. So who is the Captain?”
Sieg explained what Marien looked like and told stories about their times together. Ari smiled, “Seams like you really love her.”
“I do, she’s my world. I remember one time we hiked up the Mountain on Basikal and spent a few days in a cave and swimming in the small pools. There was no one to judge us, no war to fight. Those were the best few days of my-”
Ari threw his fist up as he caught a slight glimpse of a hooded figure. He unholstered his pistol and stared in the direction of the figure. Then he heard it, he was sure of it. He spun around in the direction of the quick and soft footsteps, seeing another hooded figure lunge at him with a sword. He lept back and took aim only for the figure to kick his gun away. It hit the ground as the figure pressed forward, Ari barely dodging each strike. He watched as the figure drew back it’s arm for another attack. Ari took his chance and threw up his arm to block the strike. The sword struck his armor and bounced off with a loud clang. Ari stepped forward, punching the figure in the chest but grunted in pain when he struck metal. He continued to push forward and managed to rip off the figure’s cloak, revealing a fully armored female Basitin soldier. She had dark fur, chestnut hair, and a very angry expression. He didn’t care, however, he grabbed his survival knife and prepared for a drawn out fight.
“Marien!” Sieg cried. Ari glanced over to see two cloaked soldiers had pinned Sieg to the ground, his handgun and helmet laid a few meters away from him.
“Is this your wife?” Ari asked, hearing more soldiers come up behind him.
Ari sheathed his knife and raised his hands, “Captain Kovest, tell your men to stand down. We’re not here to fight!”
Marien stared Ari dead in the eyes then gestured to him without a word. Two soldiers jump on his back, sending him to the ground and pinning him, “Ahh! Captain Kovest please! We’re not here to fight!”
“Oh shut it! I know that’s just a cover. You-”
“MARIEN!” Sieg yelled. Marien looked back and froze.
“Sieg?” she dropped her sword and ran over to him. “Get off of him, now!”
The soldiers stood up and backed off. Sieg got up on his knees and was pulled into a passionate kiss. Ari smiled as the reunited couple embarrassed each other.
“Skywatcher, do you copy?”
“Skywatcher here, go ahead.”
“We’ve found the 3rd legion,” Ari watched as tears streamed down Sieg and Marien’s faces.
USS Chuck Yeager: Officer’s Lounge, 11 Hours Later Sieg and Marien sat in a red velvet chair in front of a large plexiglass window. They watched the stars and marveled at how clearly they could see them.
“I never realized how beautiful the sky was. Guess I never bothered to look up at night,” Marien said leaning into Sieg.
“That’s not the only thing that’s beautiful.”
Marien looked up at Sieg who was staring at her. She sighed, “This again? This is something you only see once in a lifetime, and you’re looking at me.”
“So? What could be more breathtaking than you?” Sieg said, caressing her cheek.
Marien smiled as her face turned red. They shared a deep, passionate kiss. Marein broke the kiss and rested her head on Sieg’s chest, who hugged her tighter. They sat in a blissful silence, holding each other as if they never would again.
They heard the door open but neither of them bothered looking up, “You may have opened the wrong door 46 times but the 47th time must be it,” there were soft footsteps. “Ha! I told you it was this one!”
“That you did, the same way you said it when we walked into the Armory, Fire Control, Medical Bay, Launch Bay, and-”
“I think you’ve made your point, Adelaide.”
“Adelaide?” Marien looked up to see two of the tallest Basitin she’d ever seen. In an instant she leapt up and saluted, “King Adelaide, your Majesty!”
As soon as Sieg heard Marien say “King Adelaide” he jumped up and saluted, his face bright red.
Adelaide was surprised to see the pair, she hadn’t expected anyone to be there, “As you were.”
Sieg and Marien dropped their salutes and sat down in separate chairs, but still side by side. Marien stared at the pair as they sat down at a table. On the table was a board with a black and white checkered pattern with small pieces on either side. Adelaide and the other Basitin sat across from each other, “What do you say, Elias? Care to join me in a game of chess?”
Sieg and Marien watched intently as the two rival monarchs played a simple game of chess. The two people who had been at war for the past months, arguably the two strongest Basitin to ever live, were sitting a table length away playing an ancient strategy game. “What is the world coming to?” Sieg asked.
“A new era,” Adelaide said while moving another piece.
Sieg and Marien exchanged glances, “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“If you haven’t noticed, our world is changing and fast. These humans have technology that was once a fever dream to us,” Elias said. There was a light tap as he placed down one of the pieces. He smiled, “It’s your move Adelaide.”
Adelaide picked up a piece and was about to place it down when she hesitated. She placed the piece back and picked up another then hesitated again. She stared at the board for a long moment trying to figure out her next move. Eventually she made her move and Elias moved another piece almost instantly, “Check mate.”
“What? I...huh. Well played.”
“Shall we play again?”
“Yes, but I would like to play against Captain Kovest.”
Marien was shocked, she didn’t expect to meet King Adelaide or for her to even know her name. Marien agreed and within a minute they were gliding the chess pieces across the board. They all played multiple games with Marien and Elias beating Sieg and Adelaide multiple times. The final game came down to Marien vs Elias.
“My people can say what they wish about Western Basitin, however, there is no denying they are skilled strategists and tacticians,” Adelaide mused.
The words stung Marien a bit, “Your Majesty, I may have Western lineage, but I am an Eastern Basitin through and through.”
“That you are, I apologize if-”
The door slammed open, “망 할 순 찰 대, 휴 식 을 취 할 수 없 어!” a man exclaimed in frustration. They heard heavy footsteps coming towards them then stopped. Marien looked up and saw the pilot that was with Sieg when he found her. His once neatly pressed uniform was untucked and ruffled, sweat ran down the side of his face, and a heavy looking bag hung from his shoulders. He set the bag down and straightened his shirt, “Pardon my language, my last escort mission was not...ideal.”
“It’s ok, no one knows what you said anyway,” Sieg said.
“Ari, is that your native language? It’s Korean, correct?”
“You know two languages?” Marien asked while moving one of the pieces.
“Fluently, yes. I know a little German and Basitin, but not enough to hold a conversation.”
“Where is ‘Korean’ from again?” Sieg asked.
“And Korea is a country on Earth?”
Ari walked over to an empty chair and sat down, “Yes. It actually used to be two different countries way back in the 20th and 21st centuries, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea or North Korea and the Republic of Korea or South Korea,” Ari pulled a white ball with red laces out from his bag and began tossing it up and down.
“What caused it to break apart or was it always two countries?”
“They were one nation and its own thing for quite a while until Japan took control of it in the 1910’s. After World War II and the American defeat of Japan in the 1940’s, Korea became divided. A few years later the Korean war began when the Leader of the North tried to unify all of Korea by force. What ensued was a three to four year long conflict and ended with an Armistice that lasted about a hundred and thirty years before World War III broke out with North Korea invading South Korea. At the end of the war North Korea stood alone surrounded, it’s allies either taken over or had turned against them, so they detonated their entire nuclear arsenal destroying their own territory and taking millions of lives with them, civilians and combatants alike. After that North Korea was gone, save for a few defectors and spies that were in different countries at the time,” Ari caught the ball and began tossing it between his hands. “Anyways, who’s winning?”
“It’s really close. They both beat us I don’t know how many times,” Sieg said. They watched Marien and Elias guide the pieces across the board in an effort to out maneuver each other.They slowly withered each other's pieces down to only a few. It ended with Marien and Elias only having their kings and nothing else.
“So, what do we do now?”
“I’m not entirely sure…” Elias’ voice trailed off.
“I think it’s a draw,” Sieg said.
They all looked to Ari, waiting for his opinion, “Don’t look at me! I barely know how to play chess.”
“How do you not know how to play chess?” Marien asked, placing the pieces back.
“I was never interested in chess. I was either playing Baseball or had my nose in a book.”
“What’s Baseball?”
“Fun, that’s what it is. Okay, you have four bases and two teams. One team is batting while the other is out in the field. The batting team sends one player at a time to hit, the team in the field pitches the ball to the batter. The batter hits the ball and runs to each base, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, then Home, if you hit every base in a single run without stopping or hit the ball out of the area then it’s called a Homerun. While this is happening the other team is trying to stop the batter. Rinse and repeat a few times and switch every inning and that’s pretty much the basics,” Ari explained while standing up. “My favorite thing is hearing that metallic ring when I hit the ball and then watching it sore.”
He acted as if he was swinging a bat then raised his hands as if looking to a crowd, “Then the cheers and roars of fans. I’ll tell you there’s nothing else quite like it.”
“You seem very fond of Baseball,” Adelaide said in a soft, friendly voice.
“I am. It was something I did ever since I was a kid. I made it on the varsity team in my high school. We got to Nationals and lost but honestly, that was the best game I ever lost.”
“But you lost. How could it have been the best game if you lost?” Marein asked.
“Because I lost doing something I loved, with my friends, and my high school hadn’t gotten past the State Championship in four or five years. Besides, the other team worked hard, harder than we did and they won.”
“Were you parents disappointed?” Ari hesitated as he remembered the game. He sat down, “No, my father was happy that I was able to play.”
Ari sat down and thought for a long moment, “I...I don’t really want to talk about it.”
Adelaide watched his face twist into one of pain and grief, “It’s alright you can trust us.”
“Yeah, and how bad can it be?” Sieg asked.
Ari sighed, “Do you really wanna know?”
“Well, yeah. You can’t get all sad and expect us to not want to know why,” Marien said.
Ari hesitated, “...You know there are rumors about Basitin being apathetic by nature, but I guess they aren’t true. Tell me, do you know what cancer is?” The Basitin shook their heads. “It’s a broken cell that continuously divides and keeps dividing into more and more of these broken cells until there is a mass of broken cells known as a tumor. This tumor does nothing but sit there and suck up nutrients. Well, when I was 14 my mother was diagnosed with…” he stopped, he couldn’t get the words out of his throat.
Adelaide put a hand on his shoulder and gave him a reassuring smile, a smile he didn’t return, “Diagnosed with Stage 2 Lung Cancer. They got rid of it with cancer treatment but it came back worse. It progressed to stage 4 in less than four years and spread to other organs like her brain. There are no words in the English or Korean languages that can express how disheartening it was to see her stumble, drop, and forget simple things. It got so bad to the point where she could barely walk without help. She was in and out of hospitals for a year and a half before my aunt picked me and my sisters up from school. She took us to the hospital my mother was staying at. We walked in, my father, my cousins, and my grandparents were all there talking to my mother. We talked to her for a while then she asked ‘When is Ari going to be here?’
“I said, ‘Mom, I’m right here.’ She slipped into a coma that night. The next day I didn’t go to school, I stayed by her side holding her hand and talking to her. I knew she couldn’t hear me but I kept talking until 3:48 in the afternoon when she...she...took her last breath,” tears streamed down Ari’s cheeks. “She never saw me go to nationals or graduate.”
There was a long silence, “Ari, I’ sorry.”
“...Don’t be, besides it taught me to be grateful for the time I have and the people I have with me,” Ari said, giving a weak, halfhearted chuckle. It did little to hide the pain he felt. He looked to the other Basitin, “Oh sorry, leave it to me to turn a conversation south.”
“Ari, it’s alright to grieve. We’ve all lost someone and we know how much it hurts, but please don’t hold it in, it will only hurt you more if you do,” Adelaide said softly.
“I know, but I’m alright, honestly I am,” Ari said, giving a forced smile. “So how did you two meet?”
Sieg and Marien recounted how they first met and their training, “And that’s how Sieg almost drowned for a pearl. I then beat him with a pillow years later because he almost killed himself for me.”
“So let me get this straight, you started a fight and won against two other kids because they stole your pendant?”
“Then Sieg dove to get a pearl to replace the one you lost and hit his head?”
“And when he was in the infirmary you made him a promise you’d kill him if he almost died for you again?”
“Pretty much.”
“So you were going to beat him to death with a pillow because he got into a duel and barely survived?”
“A pillow? An object stuffed with feathers meant to be soft so you can-”
“Ok we get it. I was kinda out of it too.”
Ari stared at Marien, “I...okay.”
“What? If you’re going to say something then say it.”
“I’m not much of a fighter or very good at hand-to-hand combat but I don’t think a pillow is a very effective weapon.”
“It was the only thing I could-”
“Hold on,” Ari stared out the window and into space. He stood up and walked to the window and watched. The ship slowly spun on its axis and another ship came into view. An alarm wailed over the ship’s com’s system, “All personnel report to battle stations, this is not a drill. I repeat, all personnel report to battle stations, this is not a drill.”
Ari’s heart sank when he finally got a full look at the ship, it was easily five times larger than Yeager, and bore a symbol. Two swords crossed in an X with a fist clutching a broken arrow, the symbol of the Federation.
Washington DC, United States, Earth: GHR Admiralty Office Hugo marched down a hall to a conference room. An officer marched by his side reporting the last message sent by the Scutum fleet. He walked into the room, five other admirals along with multiple high ranking officers stood up and saluted him, “What are we dealing with?” He asked gesturing for everyone else to sit.
“We’re not sure, the ship came out of an FTL jump and attacked with new weapons and thousands of new fighters we’ve never seen before,” an officer reported. “We’re still trying to trace where it came from and we don’t know the current status of the Scutum fleet, their coms were cut shortly after the ship appeared.”
“Do we know if they’re still fighting?”
“No sir.”
“What about the support fleets sent to reinforce them?”
“They’re still in FTL jumps, their ETA’s vary between three to seven hours.”
Hugo thought for a moment, “What are they up against?”
“We’re still analyzing the pictures but from what we’ve analyzed, it’s nothing like what we’ve built or seen. We are still thinking of the best course of action.”
“Well, think faster, we are not going to leave the Scutum fleet or that planet to die.”
The Main Basitin Island: East Basitin Capital, 93 Hours After First Contact Marien leapt from a rooftop and for a second seemed to freeze in the air before landing on the Federation soldier, plunging her sword through his chest. He sputtered and spit up blood as he died. The other soldiers spun around rifles raised but were gunned down by the other soldiers behind Marien.
She pulled her sword from the enemy’s corpse, “Next time don’t jump into the line of fire like that,” Marien looked back at the GHR soldier. He wore scraped and scuffed, black ‘Striker’ armor. A pistol was holstered on his hip with a combat knife sheathed on his shoulder plate. His rifle had a black skull with a sort of dark mist or smoke flowing from it’s mouth and eyes painted on it. But as intimidating as all this was combined with the soldier’s tall stature, nothing was more unsettling than the pitch black visor. He was a ‘Shadow’ but Marien and her soldiers knew him as ‘Ghost’, “At least the enemy’s dead. Let’s move.”
He ducked into an ally. He moved silently, so silent that Marien’s sensitive ears could barely hear his footsteps. Ghost jumped on a crate and onto a rooftop, Marien following close behind. The entire Basitin Isles was under siege, nowhere safe. Multiple safe zones and medical stations had been overrun and destroyed. The tank battalion they were running to was in danger of being overrun. If it was, one of the last safe zones would be destroyed and everyone there would surely be killed. Ghost jumped from the rooftop, hit the ground, and rolled. He leapt up and fired as he ran. Marien followed, hitting the and running to the line of tanks. She slid behind one, five other soldiers hid behind it taking potshots, “Need some help?”
“Seriously? We’re getting our asses slammed! Yes we need help!” One of the soldier’s barked.
“Shit! They’re pushing again!”
Marien popped her head over the side of the tank to see at least fifty Federation soldiers charging forward.
The tank’s machine gun opened up, cutting down soldier after soldier.
“They have armored support!”
“Damn I’m out of anti-tank rounds!”
The tank's turret spun to one of the armored cars and fired with a deafening BOOM. The car exploded.
“I got it,” Ghost seemed to materialize out of thin air. He lobbed a grenade into one of the cars. It exploded but one of the other soldiers shot him directly in the chest.
“Damn, Ghost is-” Marien watched him jump up and shot the soldier straight through the head.
“Ghost get back here, there’s too many of them!”
“Sir, we’re being overrun! We can’t hold much longer!”
“DAMN IT! Skywatcher, do you copy?!” A soldier yelled.
“Loud and clear, go ahead Striker 1.”
“Broken arrow! Broken arrow!”
“Copy that, find cover and hold out.”
Ghost jumped over the tank, “Get your men to cover, now! I’ll cover you.”
“What’s going on?”
“Just go!”
Marien looked for a building that would give them enough protection, “Get to the blacksmith’s house!” She called to the other Basitin, while pointing to a mostly stone building. They got up and sprinted. Marien fired off a few more shots before running to join her men. She heard a thundering noise from far away and jet engine roars. She looked up seeing a fighter speeding in low and fast. The fighter launched two missiles, one hit an armored car while the other slammed into the statue. Both exploded, flinging rock, metal, and debris in every direction. When she ducked into the blacksmith’s house, hell had broken loose. Artillery, bombs, and missiles pounded way outside with a deafening sound. The Basitin huddled together with their rifles trained on the door and praying the next shell or bomb wouldn’t hit them.
After ten minutes the artillery and aerial attacks finally stopped, but the Basitin didn’t move. They kept their eyes on the door, waiting to strike like vipers.
“Marien, we need to move. Another unit is-”
As soon as Ghost stepped through the door, Marien caught him in the shoulder with a bullet. Marien’s eyes widened as she realized who she just shot, “Hold fire! Hold fire!”
Ghost held his bruising shoulder, “Thank you for demonstrating friendly fire. DON’T do it again,” he said, an icey hardness in his voice. “As I was saying, another unit is being slammed, our orders are to go and take some of the pressure off them.”
Ghost spun on his heel and walked out, the Basitin following him a minute later. Marien stepped out and looked to where they were fighting, the GHR tanks had pulled back about seventy meters, the small open area where a statue of a fully armored Basitin soldier once stood was nothing more than a crater littered with the bodies of Federation, GHR, and Basitin soldiers. She didn’t have long to dwell on it before they were on the run again, charging into another fire fight. They ran for what felt like hours. While Marien and her men were starting to feel tired and exhausted, Ghost kept going without any indication of fatigue or exhaustion.
“Shadow 3, what’s your status?”
“We’re still pinned and we’ve sustained heavy casualties.”
“Copy that, we’re almost to your position.”
Ghost ducked into another alley, cutting between two houses. He got towards the end and stopped, unclipped a grenade from his waist, and hurled it at the advancing Federation soldiers. He raised his rifle and fired, killing three soldiers. The grenade exploded killing another five. Marien charged forward firing her rifle, a soldier fell on his face never to rise again. Another soldier spun around and fired off a shot, the bullet grazing Marien’s ear as she fired five rounds, hitting the soldier in the chest and jaw. The fire fight lasted about twenty minutes, twenty minutes of bloody and ruthless fighting. When the gun fire finally stopped, at least a hundred Federation soldiers laid dead. Marien and the rest of the unit rushed to the defending unit, one made up of GHR Spec. Ops soldiers and seven to eight Basitin soldiers. One of the soldiers, wearing a pilot’s uniform and armor, ran up and trapped Marien in a tight embrace, “Are you okay? You ear, it’s bleeding!”
Marien stepped back and looked at the soldier's breastplate, the name reading ‘S. Kovest’ in Basitin, “Sieg? Is that you?””
“Yeah, come on, let’s get out of the open,” They walked into a brick, stone, and wooden building. The walls on the outside had thousands of small bullet holes and hundreds of pieces sharpel in it. They climbed over a barricade made out of furniture and reinforce with sand bags, “So you got stuck with one of those shadow soldiers too huh?”
“Who? Ghost?” She looked back at the soldier. “Yeah, I guess so.”
“What happened to your ear?”
Marien reached up to her ear and winced. She brought her hand back down and saw a small amount of blood, “I’m not sure.”
Sieg took off his helmet and caressed her cheek, “I just want you to stay safe, it’s getting chaotic out there.”
“I know, and I am. Or as best as I can out there,” Marien said, reaching up and holding Sieg’s hand.
“I love you Marien.”
“I love you too.”
For a brief moment nothing else mattered, they stood there holding each other and staring into each other's eyes.
“Contact!” A soldier barked, interrupting Sieg and Marien’s moment.
“Get into position and get ready to fight!” Soldiers scrambled into windows and behind makeshift cover. Marien rested her rifle on a window ledge, Sieg to her right.
“See anything?”
“No, keep your eyes open though.”
There was a brief second of silence before a Federation soldier screamed, “FLUSH THOSE FUCKERS OUT!”
Seconds later a grenade flew through the window, “GRENADE!” Marien yelled while scrambling to get it. She grabbed it and hurled it back but it exploded as soon as it left her hand. Marien screamed in agony as the metal fragments tore through her hand and wrist, ripping them into bloodied ribbons.
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2022.01.28 03:09 Trying_To_Be_Young What food were you forced to eat at a child that you still can’t eat ?

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2022.01.28 03:09 Impressive-Nose9110 Delhi: Four held after 20 year old woman gang-raped, tonsured (all hair cut), face blackened, paraded wearing garland of slippers

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2022.01.28 03:09 vividspartan My mother's cyst in her breast has changed shape. Difficult to cope.

Hi everyone. I'm writing this here because I'm really going through a difficult time with my mother. She is my world and I can't imagine the thought of losing her.
My mother had stage 4 breast cancer. There was 3 cancerous cysts in her left breast that were large in size but oddly enough they did not spread anywhere. Not even to her lymph nodes. Doctors were absolutely shocked and never seen anything like it. She removed her left breast and had reconstruction done. Her right breast have 3 benign cysts that have now shown on a scan that they have changed shape.
The hospital said it could be nothing at all or it could be cysts that have turned malignant. Is it possible for a benign cysts to turn malignant?
Knowing that her previous cancer never spread is there a good chance my mother can live a long life? I can't lose her. I'm losing my mind and can't stop crying. I'm so scared and I have no one to talk to.
Any help would be appreciated.
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2022.01.28 03:09 thanman123 [VIII] One day in and I get this amazing shiny!!

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2022.01.28 03:09 shivthegamer6969 me_irl

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2022.01.28 03:09 toastmfg Lucy and Judge slowly becoming friends…..!

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2022.01.28 03:09 MorganMike59 I'm in !!!

Been following you guys for 6 mos. Made a believer out of me. Joined today. Bought 20 oz to say hello.
Hello. I'm in. Buying more tomorrow. Nothing to lose but worthless paper.
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2022.01.28 03:09 GoosePants72 What level should I be doing the lure of abyss quest?

I’m currently level 15, and I’m wondering when I should be doing this quest. I ran into an ogre or something and was doing no damage to them.
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2022.01.28 03:09 Juliefoxx2 Did you want a legit sugar sugar daddy? Sugar baby needed. I'll take care of you financially And again I am giving $1500” to the first 50 babies to like and dm your Snapchat

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2022.01.28 03:09 gungho696969 Would someone help explain what “unleashing guard 3 times” means?

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2022.01.28 03:09 Wise-Possibility-167 Went on a run today. Safe to say she’s over today haha

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2022.01.28 03:09 MaxiJess2015 Baby dragon club amazing 🎁 GIVEAWAY on our Discord. Link in the comments!

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2022.01.28 03:09 Apaar_Khare [question] Why is the date and time on my mac greyed out? I have tried turning it on and off but no change

[question] Why is the date and time on my mac greyed out? I have tried turning it on and off but no change
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