2021.12.04 13:39 Thedepressionoftrees Me_irlgbt

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2021.12.04 13:39 baroquesun BirbButt

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2021.12.04 13:39 yoopoodoo this is the way to communicate

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2021.12.04 13:39 yawamaniui13 C0 Albedo support geo resonance

Who benefits more from him? C6 Ningguang OR C0 Zhongli? I'm trying to mix up and take advantage of the geo buff for the current abyss and I'm debating who gets who. I usually run Xiangling Bennett Zhong Ningguang, (Xingqiu Ayaka Kokoms+cryo on other team) but since I now have a sword for Albedo, I'm thinking of separating Zhong and Ning so they can carry both teams.
Side note, Bennett goes with Zhongli, no exceptions. Both Ningg(Solar Pearl) and Zhong(Deathmatch) are fairly decently built.
I have fairly built c6 Xingqiu Sucrose Fischl Chongyun, c4 Xiangling and Beidou(WGS R1), c1 Jean(she's using Skyward sword thingy), c0 Qiqi Ayaka Kokomi Venti, and not-so-viable ones are Diluc, Klee, and all other 4* except Thoma (didn't come home).
Any thoughts? I've been able to max stars abyss 9-11, but never got past 2* on abyss 12 each floor. I'm willing to raise anyone and go back to grinding for artifacts as well. Artifact suggestions also very very much welcome.
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2021.12.04 13:39 JulesandRandi Coconut Cream Pie....

Years ago, I made Cook's Illustrated's Coconut cream pie. The base was animal crackers. Its a great pie. I looked at the recipe on the ATK site( I have a paid membership) and the recipe now uses vanilla wafers. Am I losing my mind? Does anyone remember the original recipe?
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2021.12.04 13:39 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Survival plan | Spotted-necked otters making themselves AT HOME ¦ RT International on Youtube

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2021.12.04 13:39 ilyazdresser [US][BUYING] couple of things

i’d prefer to buy in sets and i also have some things to trade if you ask. Thanks for looking
vagabond - 1,2,6,7,9,11,16-19,26,31,33,35,36,37 and vizbig 11
shaman king - 18,20,21, 23-complete
rorouni kenshin - 20,28
aot - 24-complete
haikyuu - 7,10-complete
one punch man - 7,9-10
bleach - 49-complete
naruto - 49-complete
one piece - 49-complete
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2021.12.04 13:39 UFixConsoleNow just looking at my dashcam footage when i found this

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2021.12.04 13:39 jacksonW123 HELP!!! Less than a week Ana’s a half from cutting these plants down and I found this rotting this morning? Should I cut off this stem? Bud rott inside?

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2021.12.04 13:39 HFWRDOIGYZ8QUJ5SCK Looks like Yes

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2021.12.04 13:39 tomrocksmaths Happy Oxmas everyone!! During the last week of term we celebrate Christmas early before everyone heads home for the vacation which means lots of fancy dinners and drinks... Photo in front of the Christmas tree at St Edmund Hall - the college always looks amazing at this time of year!

Happy Oxmas everyone!! During the last week of term we celebrate Christmas early before everyone heads home for the vacation which means lots of fancy dinners and drinks... Photo in front of the Christmas tree at St Edmund Hall - the college always looks amazing at this time of year! submitted by tomrocksmaths to tomrocksmaths [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 13:39 DexgLND Adele - Easy On Me/When We Were Young (2021) (Remix)

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2021.12.04 13:39 IXPlayer9 [M4F] The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

I am 18+ and ask any participants be as well.
To preface, this takes place in the Monster Hunter universe, but I do not require you to have played the games to participate.
In that same vein, you can be an actual monster, a monster girl, or another Hunter, or a pre-existing character from the universe (fingers crossed for a MonHun World handler or Tsukino from MonHun Stories 2).

 A strange scent. Tracks which don’t match anything the Hunter has ever seen. Markings against trees and cut deep within stone, leading the armored man to believe this could be the rise of a new Elder Dragon. Maybe worse. Whatever this strange beast is, it is clearly marking it’s territory. Despite the danger, the Hunter presses on. The tracks are so irregular and foreign, even the scoutflies lose their way, leaving the tracking entirely up to the Hunter. Experience takes over, allowing him to keep up. Stranger still, he finds trace of fluids he had never seen before. It seemed benign enough, but who knows what it could do when combined with this monster’s unknown abilities. 
After hours of tracking, the Hunter was aware he was being led in circles. The same markings, on the same trees, in the same areas. Only it was getting darker. Perhaps this creature is smarter than the others? He had continually found fresh tracks, but never so much as heard a snapping branch from anything larger than a hercudrome, let alone the sound of rending stone.
The hunter’s hand suddenly moved to his weapon. An oversized sword, forged of metal and the parts of fallen monsters. A set of jet engines embedded in one end to enable quick, devastating swing. He drew the weapon and held it at the ready, as if he were expecting an attack at any moment. He was not ready to lose his life to an overconfident monster. Not today.
Just a bit about myself. I’m 23, and have been roleplaying for about 13 years. I consider myself to be on the literate end of things, and like to write 3 or more paragraphs to a response (depending on the current content of the roleplay. Sometimes I’ll write less).
I am a sap for romance and smut mixed together, though I do love the two separately as well.
I love to have some story going alongside, and not just a slice-of-life deal.
My kinks are: vanilla sex, rough sex, light BDSM, being dominant, femdom, breeding, excessive cum, and much more. If one of these don’t suit your fancy, just let me know. These aren’t requirements.
My limits are: scat, vore, gore (during sex), hardcore BDSM, pegging, hardcore humiliation, and cucking.
I’ll roleplay just about anywhere. Kik, Discord, Wickr, Telegram, and Reddit PMs/DMs. I’ll go where you prefer.
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2021.12.04 13:39 E-Babil What happens when I put a storage chest,my loot or anything and log out

I really need an answer I might be fucked up
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2021.12.04 13:39 dollartreecandle The Puppy Revolution

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2021.12.04 13:39 devicemodder2 HTTP Error,

I have an original oculus that i am trying to setup. i begrudgingly tried linking my facebook account and i am met with http error, and sorry, there was a problem connecting your facebook account, please try again later.
what can i do?
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2021.12.04 13:39 LeahDeniseCastle Tell me about the character that you wrote that made you grow as a writer.

I'd love to read some of your answers <3
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2021.12.04 13:39 excdefiguy Cybercriminals steal $120 million from DeFi protocol Badger DAO

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2021.12.04 13:39 Coolcardrex Zekrom raid hurry and add us!! Inviting ten only!

7821 9986 1364 and 1218 2460 9980 Add one only
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2021.12.04 13:39 gamerblondie28 Western-based action RPG?

Are there any western type of action/RPGS that are good to play?
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2021.12.04 13:39 AviatorPrints Recommended Books about Financial Bubbles?

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2021.12.04 13:39 Smart_Wafer guys I think he's trying to say something

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2021.12.04 13:39 CeriArts First attempt at writing anything in 10 years.

Feeling strung out on yesterday’s energy Kass meanders through to the kitchen, her snug fitting slippers shuffling as she goes. "Time for another coffee" she tells herself while pressing the almost invisible power button on the coffee machine, as it whirs to life she takes a mental note of her current mood which happens to be apathetic. As it stands Kass has never had what people call a "best friend." Well, she did but they left in the end. Everyone does, she reminds herself solemnly. It’s something that is hardly discussed, she thought. Friendship break-ups. And yet surely it’s an experience everyone (or almost everyone) will have at least once in their lifetime. Kass’ heart is broken and she’s starting to realise that even though it can be stuck back together, a piece will always remain in that sodden Glasgow park on a dark December day.
Looking out the window Kass see’s her cat Juno playing around with the neighbourhood tortoise cat. She remembers reading somewhere that mostly all tortoise cats are female, her cat Juno was a male. A boisterous ginger and white cat who on the outside acted big and tough but in reality get’s bullied a lot from the other male cats in the area. She thought about what it would be like to be a cat, a well loved cat like Juno. Having no concept of money, getting cuddles everyday, all the food in the world, roaming outside without fear, breathing in the air like it owed me something. "Lucky cunt." Kass whispered to herself, not really jealous but kind of. Therapy is today but the motivation to get dressed alludes her, as always. Trying to think about the last time she left the house of her own accord, without push or pull from another human being (usually her mother,) she can’t remember but that also could be to do with smoking copious amounts of weed. Kass is aware of how the drugs effect her brain but she’s been unable to stop for years. When she got out of the Psych ward last year she quit everything, no drugs or alcohol, for almost 3 months. 3 unbelievably shite months. Whoever tells you life is better sober, they’re a liar. The doctor told her before she left she had to stop smoking weed and could never touch MDMA again if she wanted a shot at a normal life. Kass had already given up MDMA a year before, the comedowns became so bad she had no choice but the weed had always been a crutch. She didn’t think much of it, weed has always been there to calm her down when things got too much but it had quickly turned into smoking too much, every single day. People say that weed isn’t addictive, it cant do any real damage, that’s probably true if your brain and body are already fully developed before you start smoking it but that was not the case for Kass. Kass started self medicating around 11, she had her first drink in a park (which to be perfectly honest was the norm for her area in Glasgow.) That night she realised she could dampen the cutting emotions she felt, the alcohol calmed the beast inside her head. It dulled the intrusive, the self deprecating and the harmful thoughts so much that it became addictive. As a child, she had no idea what these thoughts were or where they were coming from, in fact she thought they were normal and that everyone felt this way. It wasn’t until, staying over at a friends house at the age of 14, that she realised her home life wasn’t what it should be.
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2021.12.04 13:39 Wizardji Join the Nudism. YourGirls. Discord Server!

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2021.12.04 13:39 flip-to-side-b Moonlander, Hemps and Cigar

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