"The research in that Marker is worth every life we just lost!" —Hans Tiedemann Markers are enigmatic double-helix shaped objects of extraterrestrial origin. The purpose of these objects are to create Necromorphs and finally a Moon. Two types of Markers are known to exist: Black Markers and Red Markers. Black Markers originate from extra planetary sources, traveling through space until they ... Tom DeLonge, known for his work in Blink-182, quit the band so that he could focus all of his energy on proving the aliens exist. Tom has gotten himself into deep trouble with the government, but he has overwhelming evidence that supports the fact that we have been visited by aliens. He recently went on the Joe Rogan podcast to talk about it. Highlights include the video loops of the most widely witnessed UFO footage. 2:17 His own memory of becoming aware of the possibility of aliens on Earth; 3:00 The vulnerability of a degraded planet; 4:00 Infrared video recording of alien entities not visible to naked eye (Mexico, March 5, 2004); 5:26 Official Belgian, French, Soviet inquiry into evidence of aliens (military video) Alien is a science-fiction horror/action media franchise centered on the film series which depicts warrant officer Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and her battles with an extraterrestrial lifeform, commonly referred to as "the Alien" or Xenomorph.. Produced and distributed by 20th Century Studios, the series began with Alien (1979), directed by Ridley Scott, and was followed by three sequels ... The filmed testimony of Dr Edgar Mitchell, the Apollo 14 astronaut, was also shown. After viewing the two photos he said they are consistent with what he has been told about the extraterrestrials found at the Roswell UFO crash by first hand witnesses who had confidentially told him what they had seen. An unidentified flying object (UFO) is any perceived aerial phenomenon that cannot be immediately identified or explained.On investigation, most UFOs are identified as known objects or atmospheric phenomena, while a small number remain unexplained.. Scientists and skeptic organizations such as the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry have provided prosaic explanations for a large number of claimed ... DNA matches body to Alaska man last seen alive in 1979. Alaska State Troopers say DNA and genome sequencing have identified a body found decades ago on Fire Island just west of Anchorage. In Mexico a whole series of recently discovered extraterrestrial architectures has been released .The findings could be exponential and prove once and for all that the ancient aliens visited our first ancestors thousands of years ago.. These new ancient sculptures depict UFOs , extraterrestrial humanoid entities and mysterious texts, the subject of much discussion about alien news. He took the scan to Mexico’s National Forensic Institute where researchers found 20 anomalies in the figure’s body that they said made it different from a human’s, including the extra-large ... Alien life on Earth is a topic that Medvedev has been completely open about, or at least far more so than other political figures have ever been. Medvedev first leaked information regarding aliens when he was asked by a Russian reporter about the topic. Without realizing that cameras and his mic were still on, he openly admitted that aliens ...


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2021.12.04 14:23 Kupo07 What scam is so normalized that people don’t even notice?

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2021.12.04 14:23 x1RaBbiT Stratum Widebody

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2021.12.04 14:23 bopbas Has anyone taken FLIXBUS? Multiple direct routes in Fl

Came across Flixbus trying to get from SWFL to MIA. About $12 one way, direct trip. Compared to Greyhound or Red it’s much cheaper. Anyone taken any routes or know anyone? Is it reliable/on time? TIA
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2021.12.04 14:23 Fyre209 BS2 with truck problems

Long story short, I’m on baby step 2 with only my truck loan left at $15k, since listening the Dave I have paid off $8k of that loan in 3 months and planned to pay off my truck in early 2022/spring, however my truck just broke down, I’m considering it to possibly be a “lemon” it has been the shop numerous times for recalls the past year or so. Most the repairs are still under warranty but I’m starting to feel hesitant about owning it and the reliability. The truck is worth $23k-$26k and I still owe $15k. Is now the time to get it out of my life?
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2021.12.04 14:23 skud14 Tar Valon in the show is less diverse than the Two Rivers

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2021.12.04 14:23 Square_Income I need Messi, it’s my last gold rare i need for complete it. (swipe for dupes)

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2021.12.04 14:23 dose_of_dee Never too cold for a bikini! Follow me on Fansly 🔥

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2021.12.04 14:23 Special-Awarenesss Yaklaşık 8 yıldır inşa ettiği emekli dedem köyüm. Bir tren istasyonuna ve çalışan bir şelaleye/nehire sahip olan

Yaklaşık 8 yıldır inşa ettiği emekli dedem köyüm. Bir tren istasyonuna ve çalışan bir şelaleye/nehire sahip olan submitted by Special-Awarenesss to Miniworlds [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 14:23 HLMenckenFan Rise of the Reactionaries: Comparing the Ideologies of Salafi-Jihadism and White Supremacist Extremism

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2021.12.04 14:23 Malachite_89 since everyone is posting their tier lists here is mine!

since everyone is posting their tier lists here is mine!
Cold war maps : Die maschine : A
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2021.12.04 14:23 rmzynn What is a bad habit you have that you can't seem to break no matter how hard you try?

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2021.12.04 14:23 london_fog18 Una demostración más de que el Ruedas tenía razón en pedir un mejor pueblo. Procuren cuidarse las próximas semanas, porque va a ser imposible ir a un hospital gracias a esta gentuza.

Una demostración más de que el Ruedas tenía razón en pedir un mejor pueblo. Procuren cuidarse las próximas semanas, porque va a ser imposible ir a un hospital gracias a esta gentuza. submitted by london_fog18 to ecuador [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 14:23 Necessary_Author_308 ❄️ Christmas Floki $CFLOKI | 10% DOGE Rewards for holders 💰| Diamond Handed Community | JUST LAUNCHED! | Christmas Floki is the next big meme wave | Already 40X 🎄

🎄 ❄️⛄️Christmas Floki is the next big meme wave?⛄️❄️ 🎄
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🔐 Liquidity Lock 2 YEAR🔒: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xe36cb4caf51bbaffbe9c13455b610facc0174d22
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2021.12.04 14:23 Rorita04 Is this a red flag??

Hello guys, I'm really anxious about this new job offer not because its bad really, but rather i came from a chill and lax environment and now I'm gonna transition to the difficult one. Its like driving to streets then going to freeway kind of feeling...
I was excited about it but one of the interviewer (out of 8) projected his negativity, saying I wont survive in there and it's really difficult. Even with my experience I will fail for sure... idk how to take it honestly. That person isn't a manager but just same position I would be getting.
Do you guys have experiences like this? But ended up well? I talked for an hour with each interviewer asking about everything under the sky I can think of. They all seem say the same thing, that everyone is out there to help. But this guy is really pushing I will not survive in there... idk.. is this a red flag for the company???
I know this company is difficult, they r the biggest company in the world for the product they are making. So it's not like im going in blindly. But somehow idk how to take that feedback.
I somehow feel like he's projecting his work issue to me..
I would greatly appreciate any insights u guys can share
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2021.12.04 14:23 TradFortyFive [FREE] EST GEE x ICEWEAR VEZZO 2021 TYPE BEAT - "Put It To Rest"

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2021.12.04 14:23 WilmaTheUnicorn Trading amp for rhd or robux!

Hii! I'm trading amp for robux or rhd! Name your price and we'll negtiogate!
Here is a link to my proofs check them out! They're pinned in my profile as well!
My pets:
Neon ones:
Neon FR horse
Neon Musk ox
Neon R chocolate lab
Normal pets:
FR Cerberus
Golden egg
Metal Ox
Mythic egg
Ginger cat
Lady bug
Lunar ox
Red Panda
Shiba inu
Snow Puma
Chocolate lab
Snow cat
Tasmanian tiger
Cracked egg (x30)
Tysm for checking it out! Remember to name your price, I would love to trade with you <3
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2021.12.04 14:23 lynsandria Booster shots available at KP Capitol Hill

If anyone still needs a booster shot: just had a routine visit at Kaiser permanente capitol hill and provider said they have a bunch of doses that will go bad by the end of the day, so they are vaccinating non members as well
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2021.12.04 14:23 CBGN4RLYY Found at multiple Walmart’s in IL

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2021.12.04 14:23 maxxor22 inside trading for megacorps

just like irl how politicians make backroom deals or give grants to companies they have stock in. id like to see the same for megacorps or if u have merchant guilds. u get a option for each federation member to skim of the top at the cost of cohesion and opinion. option to spend influence as anyone is building a buildin like a alloy plant to boost your own credits at completion. whenever a law is passed in galactic senate u geta 10% trade bonus per envoy you have sent to lobby for a year. if u have shadow council u should be able to influence and gain favors from other empires in the galactic senate. just like the bilderberg group u can invite leaders and bribe them to get your way.
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2021.12.04 14:23 maxparker72 How much noise and rattle is normal on 2020 RDX

I’ve been wondering if I’m very picky or if my car has serious quality issues. If I turn off my music and just drive, I can hear tons of noises inside the cabin. I don’t even know where to begin diagnosis. It’s creaking in the ceiling, rattling in the pillars, rattle in the dash, even outside the car something is rattling underneath. I feel ridiculous going into the dealership again for rattles but at this point I sadly don’t think I’d ever buy another Acura.
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2021.12.04 14:23 StringNo8495 Rachelfit mega?

Anyone have rachelfit complete mega?
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2021.12.04 14:23 Slaterx When capturing a game on OBS, is there a performence or quality difference when doing game capture vs window capture vs desktop capture? Is it better for the game to be in full screen or borderless full screen?

Just wondering on what is the best way to capture games without losing too much game or stream performence.
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2021.12.04 14:23 Beechwoodaged Gift for tough to buy for sister

My sister is 26 y/o and lives in NYC and I have no idea what to get her this year. She’s the clothes and make-up type but I can’t be tasked with making a good judgment call on that. She shows some interest in cooking, tech, and fancy stuff. Can’t get her anything too bulky though because she lives in a studio apartment. City people what do we want this year?
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2021.12.04 14:23 Justsoinsane What movie would you like to see a sequel to?

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