2021.10.20 02:11 seimahnem hi

pls help me with this https://pastebin.com/J9LsmByp
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2021.10.20 02:11 jockelyn Tax dilemma - sell at ATH or hold during bear market?

Hello! I got into crypto early this year and have really learnt a lot over time. At first I was very “I will hodl forever until I die” but then I started to understand that most alts will most likely die before me.
In Australia, we get taxed a stupid amount especially if you sell within 12 months. I don’t plan on selling my BTC or ETH for a few years but I do hold quite a few other alt coins. The main ones include ONE, ALGO, CKB, VET and ADA.
I’ve been reading a lot about how most alt coins don’t really comeback after a bear market and it’s better to take profits while you can. But all I think about is tax, bloody tax.
So here’s my dilemma - sell during the bull run and cop the high capital gains tax OR hold during the bear market and accept that some coins may never recover. Any other options?
I’ve never experienced a bear market and I’m trying to learn as much as possible to make sure I don’t make any stupid mistakes. What are your thoughts and has anyone experienced this dilemma?
Also side note: my goal is to eventually have a house deposit in this ridiculous time. I have lots of emergency savings set aside and also invest in ETFs too.
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2021.10.20 02:11 Giovanni3212 As I expected, the game is dead. Thanks My.Trash and BoomingShit... go on program your mobile games. Stop making Pc games and continue with your mobile games

As I expected, the game is dead. Thanks My.Trash and BoomingShit... go on program your mobile games. Stop making Pc games and continue with your mobile games
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2021.10.20 02:11 spoopykek mfw removed mod of the cock land

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2021.10.20 02:11 Extra__Juicy WYR take a shower in the morning, shower at night, or other; and why?

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2021.10.20 02:11 RobSinner Just adding to the long list of evil memes.

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2021.10.20 02:11 roxyclean Does b12 injection absorb in the brain or am I totally screwed?

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2021.10.20 02:11 wiener_dawg What the fuck am I doing wrong?

As usual, I try to get into a new hobby and nothing is working right.
I am following the quick start guide on the RTLSDR blog step by step. I downloaded Zadig and installed the replacement driver on my dongle. However when I tried using SDR# it kept saying no dongle selected when I tried starting it. I made sure I had all the .NET and runtime shit installed that it asked for.
I gave HDSDR a try and it kept saying that my SDR was detected but the DLL wasn't active (even though the DLL was downloaded and copied to exactly where I was instructed to put it, and I opened the DLL in HDSDR when it asked).
I have followed the quick start guide word for word and it is not working!
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2021.10.20 02:11 Rage-Your-Game Hmm.... Meme references in Last One Standing official lyric video.....

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2021.10.20 02:11 LarrBearLV Sometimes you have to venture outside your normal baseline of daily reality in order to appreciate life. Otherwise your just another bee executing a predetermined protocol.

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2021.10.20 02:11 prodbypioneer "Have Mercy On Me" | Pop Smoke Type Beat

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2021.10.20 02:11 djo_oy 記憶喪失の少女たちが幻想的な世界で冒険するRPG『BLUE REFLECTION TIE/帝』発売後の無料アップデート情報が公開。『ソフィーのアトリエ2』とのコラボ特典も存在

記憶喪失の少女たちが幻想的な世界で冒険するRPG『BLUE REFLECTION TIE/帝』発売後の無料アップデート情報が公開。『ソフィーのアトリエ2』とのコラボ特典も存在 submitted by djo_oy to nintendo_jp [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 02:11 aenimafacilis I officially Uninstalled smite

I know the majority of you won't care and I'll probably get a ton of grief for it. But between me getting to my goal of diamond in ranked, hirez refusing to address the issues with server lag, and the community being consistently negative. I've happily uninstalled smite. I'm excited to focus on other things in life as this game has sucked an unrealistic amount of time from my life.
It's been real, it's been good, but it hasn't been real good.
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2021.10.20 02:11 throwsitawayaway What to even do after breaking through?

I've had many psychedelic experiences especially mainly with LSD but also with DMT. I've gone through, past the veil, peaked behind at what lies beyond our normal line of sight and thoughts and creative ideas, I've seen the very act of creation and being able to see things become realer and more comprehensive before my very eyes and make me completely understand something to its deepest core meaning and yet for what? There was always this place that houses multiple dimensions/realities that I've been able to peer into and access knowledge yet never have been quite able to remain there except under the influence of some type of drug like psychedelics or even the likes of stimulants like meth (when done right with proper dosing regimens and meditative practices). I've been able to witness events so minute, fast, and utterly indescribable within a fraction of a fraction of what we call a "second" or portion in time that they may never have even occurred yet felt like lifetimes upon lifetimes within that space with enough energy to be able to understand and grasp everything within it without fail. Yet I can't seem to bring myself to get back there. Why? What's the purpose of breaking through, tearing through reality with that completely reality shattering ringing, and be able to witness such utterly euphoric understandings only to have months/years go by and only be able to look back and not be able to really piece things together. It's disheartening because while within that space I'm understanding things so fast and complete that I feel actually more capable and complete as individual like I'm not just learning things but my consciousness and what's beyond that is also learning things. Knowledge upon knowledge yet somehow I keep falling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of forgetfulness and lack of clear directed thoughts and desires. Sucks man.... Just thought I'd put this out there because I was listening to music earlier (Shpongle) and it just doesn't hit like it used to on drugs. The meaning is all gone, the sensations numbed, the emotions dampened, and the overall experienced soured.... My sensations and breathing get all fucked up somehow and I get creaks, pops, and uncomfortable movements (like kundalini if you know what that is), and basically a total loss of experience. Everything seems hopeless and only briefly do I end up clearly fully in my mind and body and enjoying things only for voices to take over, lack of sensations (or too many), and forgetfulness even being unable to follow the song like I usually do..... I just feel lost. Everyday is a gamble whether I wake up feeling refreshed or stuck within one of these pockets of apathetic stupidity.
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2021.10.20 02:11 Ultracrepedarian Artosis and Tasteless race to GM?

Can we start a gofundme for Tasteless and Artosis race to GM on SC2!? I'd pay good money to see it. Feel like it'll add so much spice to their casting, battling out of the metal leagues against horrible cheese.
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2021.10.20 02:11 lonniewhitmore The Believer Literary Magazine Shutting Down

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2021.10.20 02:11 Itsaghostx Readings

Free readings 💜🔮🌙
🔮 I’m currently doing 6 card spread tarot or oracle, depending on what I’m feeling guided too do, in exchange for a follow on IG.
🔮These readings are based on love or self reflection only.
🔮Send a follow request and than send me a message through my Reddit dms with your IG name and your question; when I accept your request I’m either finished with your read and has already been sent through messages on here or I’m currently working on yours at that moment.
Check out my reviews below 👇
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2021.10.20 02:11 AgentANP Asus TUF Gaming F15 screen flickering on 144Hz

My laptop's screen has been showing multiple horizontal flickering lines over the top margin of the screen after some minutes of use when the refresh rate is set to 144Hz.
This started first happening 4 days ago while I was just browsing on the internet, the flickering was subtle and simply restarting the computer fixed it that time. But the lines showed up once again 2 days afterwards again while browsing. This time restarting didn't help yet the lines started flickering even more severely so I suspected the GPU drivers to the culprit.
I decided to reinstall my discrete GPU drivers on that moment but that didn't work, it was at that time when I thought about changing the refresh rate to 60Hz and the problem was gone. Next day, the problem was gone but it showed up again while using Discord so I tried installing the previous driver version of the discrete GPU and along with reinstalling the drivers of the integrated graphics too. Unfortunately, that didn't solve the problem either.
I have tried using third party software like DDU to uninstall the fully and reinstalling them but it also doesn't work. This seems like a hardware problem to me and the only way to get it fixed might be to go to the service center and RMA it (product is still under warranty) but I still want to see if there's another way out or not.
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2021.10.20 02:11 lamm0202 Servers/need friends

Keep trying to find a good server to play vanilla MC no plug ins no land claim or “adventure mode” ETC just essentially single player with people cause none of my friends play MC anymore and just want some people to make good friends with and build some dope shxt! any servers out there i can join? (JAVA)
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2021.10.20 02:11 FISHONE3928 Young Victus popping off like ecstasy feat DIP FA$E (PROD.DIP FA$E) Slow...

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2021.10.20 02:11 Provigster A funny moment from my stream last night clipped by one of my friends. Laugh at me

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2021.10.20 02:11 Utku56256 He literally changed his name to Ye

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2021.10.20 02:11 THICCBOI42069shit What if Dave Rubin redeemed himself? (a movie pitch)

It's a stormy night in California and Dave Rubin returns to his mansion after a long day of right-wing pandering. After pouring himself a glass of $3200 tequila, he lets out an exasperated sigh and sinks into the ornate couch of his palatial living room which overlooks the palm tree-lined grid of urban luminosity and towering skyscrapers of the beguiling Los Angeles cityscape. He sips from the glass and stares blankly at the gargantuan, $80,000 TV above the fire place. "That TV is worth more than some people's houses" Dave thought to himself with a self-righteous smirk.
As the night goes on, Dave pours himself glass after glass after glass until he's absolutely wasted and he breaks down crying on the floor. He's been bottling it up for a long time, months, maybe even years, but despite his luxurious lifestyle and ostensibly successful scaling of the social hierarchy that his idol, Jordan Peterson, talks so much about, Dave is not happy. In fact, he's quite miserable. Dave wants nothing more than to be accepted by those around him. More than just accepted, he wants to be revered. He wants to be viewed as an intelligent and respectable commentator, an intellectual, a journalist hero fighting on the front lines for soul of America, but in his efforts, he's become the opposite: a figure reviled by all. The left views him as a joke. Republicans would much rather listen to Ben Shapiro, Tim Pool, or Steven Crowder, and while conservatives tolerate Rubin, he knows they only do so for their own benefit. The words of so many "friends" echoed in Dave's head as tears streamed down his face, "You're useful" Dennis Prager says, "Stop inviting me to your anniversary parties, Dave. I don't support your lifestyle" Ben Shapiro says, "Dave Rubin is gay! NOOOOOOOO!" Tommy Sotomayor cries. It was at this moment Dave realized that his friendships were fake, his "ideology" if you can even call it that, was nothing but empty talking points, and when all was said and done, he was a failure.
Dave awakens the next morning in a puddle of his own vomit. He vaguely remembers the feelings he felt the previous night, the realizations of his own misery and failure, but he shakes it off. He's got an interview with an obscure right-wing hack at 2:00 that afternoon and his boomer audience would be disappointed if he didn't crank out another vapid "The left is destroying the country! Wokeism is bad!" circlejerk/propaganda heap disguised as an interview.
Dave's life continues on with little change. When he's not spouting republican talking points on his Youtube channel, Twitter, or other social media sites, he's watching Fox news, listening to Daily Wire podcasts, and drinking absurdly expensive wines and liquors. His alcohol consumption becomes more frequent to the point of becoming problematic. He begins showing up late and hungover to his show, cancelling appointments, and spending less time building his brand and more time drinking. As alcoholism causes his mental health to deteriorate, the feelings of shame, worthlessness, and lack of respect from others fester. With each day, Dave Rubin becomes more aware of the fact that he's a fucking joke, a failed comedian turned liberal commentator turned conservative commentator hack. His own subreddit, a forum dedicated specifically to discussion about him and his show, has turned against him, a cornucopia of haters (many of which are former fans) calling him a talentless hack day in and day out. There’s an entire Youtube channel dedicated to dunking on him just by showing his unedited, unaltered takes, and an embarrassingly large audience of people who watch those videos, finding glee in his dumbassery and partisan hackery. He’s hated and laughed at by all, but more importantly, he's failed to develop any true, meaningful connections with anyone.
At 45 years old, Dave's life is likely more than half way over and Dave begins envisioning a future where nobody cares anymore. His presence in the sphere of politics withers until there’s barely anything left and he rots in obscurity for the rest of his life until he dies and is at best forgotten forever, and at worst viewed as a traitor to his country who supported the destructive shenanigans of Trump and the GOP. Deep in his heart, he knows Trump is far from the hero the right makes him out to be, but Dave worships him anyway because it fits his narrative. A miserable, soulless shell of a man, Dave is.
One night, feeling particularly glum, Dave decides to take psychedelic mushrooms. He had attained them a few years back after talking with Jordan Peterson about the potential spiritual benefits of psychedelics, but hasn't had the time or inclination to try it until now. "Psychedelics are supposed to help people view their problems more clearly and learn to be at peace with themselves and the universe. Maybe this will help my depression" Dave thought as he struggled to swallow the fungal hallucinogens, fighting the unpalatable, earthy, metallic taste. He consumed a large amount, much larger than recommended for a first timer. "What do I have to lose? Might as well go all in. If nothing else, it'll be a good story to talk to my followers about." Having no idea what to expect, Dave sat back on his couch for about thirty minutes watching Tucker Carlson Tonight before the shrooms began to kick in. It started with subtle visual alterations: colors becoming more vibrant, surfaces developing wavy textures. As the clock ticked, Dave began to grow nervous. He wasn't sure why, but he felt a pit in his stomach and began to lose sight of himself. Was this the "ego death" feeling he had heard so much about from Joe Rogan and the likes? It became more intense until he was in the fetal position screaming in fear, unsure of who or where he was as the universe as he knew it disintegrated into an infinite time loop of folding fractal patterns and strange entities chastising him. "Who am I? What am I? What is this?" Hours passed and Dave stumbled around his house, knocking over glasses and bottles, fumbling with the edges of tables and chairs as he tried to no avail to compose himself. It was horrifying, a nightmare. He heard voices. He saw shadows. He saw demons and gods. His consciousness fractured into something unlike anything he had ever experienced before, so much so that he no longer felt human. He felt like an entity, a being, but not a person.
"How long has it been?" Dave thought. It felt like an eternity. The effects of the hefty psilocybin dose was far from past, but the ego death portion of the trip was over. He at least felt some sense of "self" now, but his mind and heart still raced and the textures of world around him swayed, danced, and melted into themselves. He was traumatized, unable to make heads or tails of what he was experiencing. He needed air.
Dave found himself walking the streets of Los Angeles. "How long have I been walking?" he thought. Time became an abstract concept that he couldn't accurately measure. There were periods of minutes that felt like hours and periods where he “blacked out” and couldn't remember where he was five minutes prior. The street that he walked on was particularly rundown, the sidewalks beside the abandoned, boarded up buildings lined with clusters of tents and crowds homeless people walking about. He was in one of those parts of Los Angeles that someone of Dave's wealth and status would never go to of his own volition, but here he was, inadvertently roaming the streets as he continued to trip balls. The mushrooms made his senses more prominent and otherworldly: he heard the blaring of police sirens echoing beyond the crumbling infrastructure, the stench of burning plastic and feces, the despairing cries of drunks, crackheads, and schizophrenics babbling incoherently. Some of the homeless people begged for money, others looked at him as if he were an alien (a clean shaven guy in nice clothes probably wasn't too common in this part of town).
Dave eventually reached an underpass. He looked to his right to see a a patch of weedy, trash strewn cement, in the center a trashcan bonfire with a few lost souls gathered around it for warmth. One guy lay on the sidewalk with his back against the wall, mouth agape, and syringe protruding from his arm. A stray cat screeched at him from a few feet away. Dave continued to traverse the urban hell until he encountered an African American gentleman with a bottle of liquor in a scrunched up paper bag in hand. The guy asked for help and Dave denied him as politely as he could, but he continued to pester. The guy followed him, drunkenly rambling on and on about his past, his experience serving in Iraq, the way he was treated like dirt when he returned, denied the mental healthcare he needed for his PTSD because he couldn't afford it, got locked up for marijuana possession, sexually assaulted in prison, kept past his sentence, couldn't get a job from anyone because nobody wants to hire a convict, and resorted to begging on the street for cash. At first Dave just wanted the homeless guy to leave him alone, but as the man talked more and more about his life, Dave began to feel the pit in his stomach again, the feeling of terror he experienced at the start of the trip. If this happened on any other night, he would have brushed this experience off as "poor guy, too bad the democrats are so bad at running their cities and dealing with the homeless crisis", but on this night, in his state of psychedelic introspection, Dave viewed things entirely differently. The problems were systematic, not to be blamed on republicans, democrats, Trump, Biden, Obama, or any other "Boogeyman" but to be blamed on society at large, the way the system functions like a cog, fundamentally built and operated to keep certain people down, the way some people are left behind, forgotten by society and left to wither away in darkness. Dave felt a sense of "oneness" with this individual he was talking to, as with every other lost soul he saw on the streets that night. "Why should this man have to suffer while I live in the lap of luxury? Why should all these people rot in destitution, pain, and horror as I look over them from my hilltop palace? The view from my living room is one of deception; the city that on the surface appears upscale and developed in reality has a seedy underbelly, and while I sit back in my comfy studio and whine about Mr. Potatohead slightly changing their brand name, people like this are dealing with real problems. I cannot go on like this any longer. I have a platform and I must use it for good..." At that exact moment, as Dave stood on the street corner being hassled by a drunk homeless man as gunshots, sirens, and pitiful screaming echoed in the night sky, he became a new man.
Dave Rubin spends the next several years using his platform to promote systematic change. While he doesn't overtly frame his ideas as "left" or "right", the ideas are unequivocally more in line with the American left. Things like universal healthcare, programs to give every homeless person a home and get them back on their feet, programs aimed at helping veterans with PTSD without charge, legalizing drugs and treating drug addiction as a public health crisis rather than a criminal justice one, and fixing infrastructure. With his shift in perspective, Dave's conservative, boomer audience abandons him. Left wingers aren't interested since they (understandably so) interpret his ideological shift as nothing more than typical, ingenuine, Rubin-esque grifter-y. As his audience shrinks and popularity diminishes to even lower than it was before, Dave comes to the realization that he isn't helping anything. He isn't getting his ideas across in any meaningful way and his journalistic ambitions (this time for genuine good) are fruitless. He decides that, if he truly wants to change the world, he can no longer sit back on his high horse and talk about issues from the sidelines. He needs to get out on the field.
Dave travels to the Middle East with a documentary team where he traverses the deserts, war-torn cities, and theocratic hellholes of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan for many years, collecting information about the military industrial complex and the US, Russia, and China's involvement in arms deals and regime change wars. When Dave returns to America, he manages to convince a university to let him speak on campus, and plans a presentation where he prepares a tell-all of everything he saw overseas, all the valid and never before seen evidence he gathered against the United States government and their seedy foreign policy affairs. The innocent villagers who's entire families were slaughtered by drone strikes, the children sold into sex slavery by aristocrats we're buddy-buddy with, the private arms deals specific politicians have done with warlords, and Dave is ready to reveal it all until he's shot in the head by an unknown sniper.
It becomes one of the biggest news stories in the nation, with headlines across the country saying "Political Commentator Dave Rubin assassinated hours before revealing government secrets." Luckily, one of Dave's associates saved all the information and leaked it himself. It becomes one of, if not the biggest scandals in US history and countless politicians are locked up for their crimes Dave Rubin exposed. Rubin goes down in history as one of the best journalists in American history and a true American hero.
Then he wakes up and realizes it was all a dream and goes back to pathetically bloviating about Aunt Jemima changing their logo and pink-haired feminists on college campuses saying dumb things.
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2021.10.20 02:11 mahendraparuchuri Today’s Sadhguru’s Motivation

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